About Us

Panchraj Food Industries

Since 2016, Panchraj Food Industries has well marked its presence in the food sector providing delicious food which is easily available across India which is just one call away. Through years of research and development Panchraj Food Industries has successfully managed to recreate the magic of home cooked food that one can enjoy anytime and anywhere. Our main aim is to supply our customers with the best possible service, ensuring that your MEAL experience is easy , delicious and hassle free..

Panchraj Food Industries has a Quality Control Department with qualified professionals where products are tested before they are packaged and sent out to customers. At Panchraj Food Industries, it is our constant endeavor to provide food that is fresh, healthy and packed with flavours. Our products are of the highest quality, made with the finest ingredients and stored in the best environment ensuring quality standards are met.

Our Vision
We aim to attain new heights of excellence in the culinary world by meeting consumer through innovative products, services and processes.
Our Mission
We seek to be a trusted name in every Indian household by going to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of great flavour, aroma and an extraordinary home-like meal.

Numbers Behind Our Quality